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Unity Mindfulness is your one-stop spot for all things Buddhism and Mindfulness. From counselling and coaching, to supervision and consulting for mental health and yoga/meditation professionals, this initiative is meant to inspire you to bring intentionality to every sphere of your life.

Ekta facilitates inner work to meet your unique needs by drawing from culturally rooted perspectives and using the decolonizing lens. They believe that ancient wisdom and modern science can come together powerfully to meet our needs in the 21st century.

To know more about each specific service, please use the "Services" tab on the homepage.

In this space, you will find posts written by Ekta about their personal practice and learning experiences from their professional life. Subscribe to their newsletter to get exclusive content in your mailbox without navigating social media.

Please note: To meet the regulations in Ontario, Ekta has two separate registered businesses - one solely for the therapy/counselling and related services, and the other for coaching/consulting. This single website is to streamline the flow for you, the participant. Rest assured, Ekta will support you in navigating the service that might be best for you.