About Me

Hi, I am Ekta (they/she) and I am the founder of Unity Mindfulness. This is your one-stop shop for mindfulness-inspired initiatives. I offer Buddhism-inspired counseling/psychotherapy, coaching/mentoring, and supervision/consulting.

I am committed to the ideals of collective liberation and community care, and I empower people to define their values and embrace a path that is neither competitive nor hyper-individualistic, yet immensely satisfying. Joy, ease, rest, and compassionate accountability are at the core of what I support you with.

I invite you to move from analyzing and intellectualizing to embodying freedom in your day-to-day with a mind-body-spirit approach. I bring with me 20+ years of professional social work experience and 15+ years of personal mindfulness and yoga practice to bring you personalized trauma-informed tools and strategies.

From ancestral healing to intergenerational trauma, to relationship challenges, to living in a world that disconnects us from our true nature and community, I can be your compassionate guide on this journey, whether it is your first or one-hundredth attempt.

To meet the needs of my community, I have two separate business entities: one for regulated psychotherapy and related services, and the other for coaching/consulting. I have created this single website to make it easy for you to find me and connect with me.

Set up a FREE consult with me to find out if we are mutually a good fit and to assess which service would best meet your needs. To set up your FREE consultation with me use: unitymindfulness.janeapp.com or email me at info@unitymindfulness.com.