Supervision and consultation for mental health professionals

Decolonizing mental health by prioritizing one's inner work, culturally sensitive and equitable approaches, and centering the voices and experiences of marginalized communities

As a South Asian therapist, I have often felt the need to leave my culture out the door - that who I am, and where I come from is not conducive to a professional therapeutic relationship as I have learned it. I felt uncomfortable like I was not good enough. Through my work, I have overcome this notion and come to embrace my identities as strengths rather than impediments. As a supervisor/consultant, I can support you to lean into your intersecting identities and show up as a whole person, rather than a compartmentalized and fragmented shell.

Go inward with me as your resource person to dismantle internalized colonial standards that put the therapist in an authority position. Unlearn these ways of being and cultivate a relationship-centered care mindset that honors the individuality of each client. Learn how a flat structure can benefit you as an individual in the helping profession while doing the best for the participants in your practice.

I can help you move away from rigid therapy boxes disguised as niches or expertise. These constrain rather than liberate. My ethos is grounded in the belief that healing journeys are as diverse as the individuals who embark upon them. Instead of shoving participants into predetermined molds, learn to be creative and use therapies embracing innovation and flexibility to meet their needs.

Decolonized mental health frees the therapist and the participant at once. Let's join hands in this movement towards collective liberation!

About the service:

Ekta is a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Services Workers (OCSWSSW) and the Ontario Associaton of Social Workers (OASW). This part of the services provided are under the registered business Unity Counselling. These services are open to Ontario mental health professionals that are part of the OCSWSSW and CRPO.

If you are a professional outside Ontario, you can consult with Ekta. However, the hours cannot be used as training or supervision hours required in your province.

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