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Client Feedback

My favorite session was the Anger Masterclass. A lot changed in those 2 hours for me personally, with the amount of knowledge which was shared by Ekta in that time period, also the fact that many of my inhibitions regarding self angst were removed through the SNOELL meditation!

Mindfulness Series Feedback

I love how prepared in advance you are and allow space for us to be in any way that we want, we can cry, be angry and have a safe space. That’s important requirement for all looking for teachers. Ekta is mindful in her approaches embracing ones mind, body and soul is a rarity in a facilitator and you check all the boxes for me!

Mindfulness Series Feedback

The silent retreat helped me to realise that I have given in to perfectionism in an unhealthy way and this realisation is now helping me to start moving past my perfectionist tendencies

Silent Retreat Feedback

Hi Ekta, I'm grateful to you for curating these sessions. The amount of knowledge and awareness which these sessions have brought to me is not only enlightening, but it has had a profound impact on how I approach life as a whole. The best 2 hours I've spent on a Zoom call, ever!

Mindfulness Series Feedback

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