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Poetry: Womxn Cannot Attain Nirvaan

Womxn cannot attain nirvaan

They say

As they shove us into kitchens

Tie us to bed posts

Penetrate us with or without our wills

Then slap chastity belts

Of rules, religions and morals

Women cannot attain nirvaan

It is said

As they snatch away our books

Thrust kids on to our hips

Put us on pedestals

Worship us as goddesses

So that we may fear

Our passions and desires

Our flaws and imperfections

And strive for validation

That never comes

Not from them

Nor from within

Women cannot attain nirvaan

It is well known

We are born imperfect

Never the right weight

Or skin colour

We don't speak up

Or speak too much

Too emotional

Or too bitchy

We just ain't right

Every pleasure taken away

Sex, food, movement

Left with self denial

Our needs ignored

By family and society

Who cares if we're gay

Who cares if we're not women

As long as we appear cis

And do as expected of us

Womxn cannot attain nirvaan

They insist

As they stomp on our necks and ribs

Why then do they put us in chains?!

They may erase Mary Magdalene

And cut off Durga's arms and Kali's tongue

They may cage the lion that Shakti rides on


Womxn, sisters, sibsters

As we sit meditating

We become Bodhisattvas in training

Buddhas in the making

Shattering the ultimate glass ceiling

We will attain nirvaan

- Ekta Hattangady

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