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1:1 Spiritual Care and Coaching

Embark on your most authentic life with ongoing support for your personal practice

Spiritual Care, Coaching and Mentoring

Who you are today is a reflection of who you have been and what happened to you. Who you will be is determined by what you will do today!

Ongoing support for anyone for a guide and accountability partner on their journey with mindfulness.


Is this service right for you?

* Are you looking to live your life more fully? Are you looking to move beyond limiting beliefs about yourself and life? 

* Are you always thinking of starting a mindfulness practice, but life gets in the way?

* Do you have a mindfulness practice but find your values being challenged owing to societal upheaval or a life situation/transition?

* Are you may be an experienced practitioner looking for an accountability partner?

If you answered, "Yes," to any of these questions above, I would love to work with you. Blending the principles of psychotherapy and mindfulness, I will support you in relating to yourself with radical acceptance and compassion. Our work together will involve identifying your key values and overall vision for life.

Book a FREE 20-minute consultation with me to see if this service is right for you.

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How is this different from counselling?

This is strictly a mentoring and coaching relationship and is not meant to address trauma or serious mental health issues. It DOES NOT replace formal psychotherapy or counselling. For this service, I will be drawing primarily from Buddhist, Christian and Yogic philosophy to support your journey towards wholeness. Everything we discuss will be based on your personal practice and within the philosophical framework we choose together in the first meeting. This is an ongoing relationship that you can choose to access at your convenience.

This service is open to individuals everywhere. As a psychotherapist or counsellor, I can only accept clients from a certain area. I am currently registered only in Ontario, Canada.

If you have any questions, or wish to explore, book a FREE 20-minute consultation with me

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