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Welcome to my community! I am looking to raise funds for getting my book edited by a South Asian Buddhist practitioner. My hope is to raise CAD10,000. I am requesting YOUR support. You can send any amount above CAD25 to my PayPal: as a gift. Once you are done sending me the money, please send a request to join this group. I will be posting updates and excerpts here for your comments and discussion.

NOTE: This group is only for those that contribute / pre-order the book. All content in this group is private and confidential unless I request you to share it.


This book is for anyone who has ever felt like they do not belong because they’re too weird, broken, outrageous, or abnormal. It is for any “average person,” to whom the lofty concepts of happiness and liberation seem elusive. We feel that way because we are following “Spiritual Gangsters” on Instagram that have commodified ancient practices to an end. We are reading books by social media influencers disguised as teachers and saints. We are consuming content by white folks and/or monastics, Lamas, PhDs. We are reading books by those with whom we have nothing in common. Of course, we feel like misfits. Publishers want to publish books by “Somebodies.” They want to know how much work they will need to put into an author, and not about their work necessarily. We are consuming marketable spirituality, and that is not necessarily the right kind of spirituality. The concept of “Being a somebody,” is built on othering. There is no difference between reading a book like that and a glossy magazine. The end result is the same. We, the regular folk feel left unseen and left out. It is in direct conflict with the tenets of spirituality. With Dharma.


Each chapter of the book:

* Begins with a haiku

* Includes an experience from my personal and/or professional life

* Ties in a specific Dhamma practice or aspect of philosophy

* Ends with a reflection practice and a meditation

Group Rules

All information on the group is private.

Please do not share any posts/comments by Ekta or any other member of this group with anyone else. This group and its content are exclusively for supporters.

Speak from "I" and be repsectful of others.

Please share your opinions, comments and experience of reading using "I" statements. Please do not argue or debate with others. Thank you.

No marketing or self-publicity of any kind.

This group is exclusively for Ekta's book. Members are not allowed to share posts about their initiatives and work.


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  • February 9, 2022


  • Ekta Z Hattangady
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